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A true story. Turned free verse-ish poem.
This poem is written for, and in honor of Brooklyn. I love you more then anything baby. So yes. It will make you sad if you have a soul.


Memoir, Poetry



over 6 years ago Eldunayri said:

Beautifully done, some people just can't appreciate free/blank verse, but you did an amazing job. Easily relatable subject matter and heart-wrenching emotion. Keep up the great work.


over 6 years ago Mere Roman said:

Aww, I'm sorry, i'm not a dog person, but if one of my cats died i would be heart broken. Beautifully written, and i hope Brooklyn is up in puppry heaven! (Unless you're a Hindu, then I guess he could be another puppy across the street!)

143 means i love you in nerd-edited

over 6 years ago 爱 Scarlett 爱 said:

aww, i have 3 dogs. This makes me sad. I've already had one dog die and that was a really sad time. Anyway this was a nice poem.


over 6 years ago Annalise Johnsan said:

Aw...it started out pretty cute then was sad... well put.


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