The Blind Man Who Could See

The Blind Man Who Could See

1 chapter / 793 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Rated T for some mature themes.

When a young man encounters a blind yet wise old man on a busy London street, the way he sees and lives life changes forever.

Originally written in October 2010 for school as part of an assignment to write a short story borrowing elements from Hermann Hesse's classic novel, Siddhartha. Released exclusively on Figment as part of a dual-release of conceptual short stories originally written for school. The parallel release is "The Open Gate," which can be found exclusively in the Zelda Universe Forums' Writing forum.


Drama, Short Story


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over 5 years ago nykke said:

amazing, a really good message, and put together very well :)


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over 6 years ago Ariel Magic-esi said:

The story is very beautiful, and the subtle metaphor of the 'blind man who could see', as in, the people, no matter how limited their own lives, who know the truth of how important it is to help the suffering, is very well-done. The writing style is a little blunt at some points, not very flowery or anything, but I think that's a good thing because the message is more important than descriptions or fancy adjectives. It was a very good story and I would recommend it to anyone, especially to consider the message.