Just Smile Along the Way

Just Smile Along the Way

1 chapter / 168 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


A poem about the complexities of growing up a teenager today, about what we do even while we think a different way- about how someone doesn't really know someone else, how the mind is a complicated place only truly known by the owner. How most people just grin and bear it, just smile along the way.


Drama, Memoir, Poetry



almost 5 years ago Rachel H. said:

It has good flow and a good point to make. You used repetition really well with the italics and omission of spaces between the words. Really enjoyed it!


almost 6 years ago Brandi said:

It is relatable and i love the flow.


almost 6 years ago Sydney Rachel said:

This is really good. It's a nice change from the types of poetry that I normally read. I love how overall relatable it is to the teenage life. It flows really well too. Sorry this one is not super recent but the only other choice seemed really long, so I hope this one was okay, if it's not let me know. Anyways good job, keep writing! :)

Two doctors

almost 6 years ago Ruobing Zhu said:

Wow.... I loved this!


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