She was perfect

She was perfect

1 chapter / 483 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Its a short story about a schizophrenic teenage girl named Annalynn.
Its just a story...but perhaps true for many kids around the world.

Cover by copperfalcon!


Writing, Short Story



21 days ago Lizzy said:

Wow. This book really does. . . 'tug on your heartstrings' as my English teacher would say. I hope you continue it. It's a great book, even if it is sad


about 1 month ago Jazzy said:

This hit me right in the feels....I've no experience with schizophrenia but I'd stay regardless you did an awesome job with this.


about 1 month ago Ritu said:

Wow it was a really nice story. I don't really have much of an experience in the mental illness you mentioned but I think the description is pretty awesome. Loved it. Have a great day. Bye!!!


about 1 month ago NF Kris said:

Just one idea to add.. What if she had imaginary friends that were in her room with her? Or she had hallucinations that you introduced in this.



11 days ago Artemis J. Potter said:

I really like the emotion in this piece. It is very palpable. I feel like this piece could be longer. Like a few others have said, I feel like you could show us more of how bad Annalynn's life was with schizophrenia instead of telling. It is already emotional, but I feel like more showing would make it more emotional. Also, I think this could be more effective if it was told from Annalynn's point of view, to really see her internal struggle. Overall, I enjoyed this!

Another girl

14 days ago Snorey_Corey said:

Hey Auroni, I can tell you're a good writer and that fact that you did a mental illness makes it even more fascinating. Also, this story touched my heart because my uncle is schizophrenic, so keep up the good work! I'll be looking forward to more of "She was Perfect."