Making Friends

Making Friends

16 chapters / 30847 words

Approximately about 3 hours to read



Philio X. MacDonald is Catholic. He's also gay. He hasn't realized this yet, but he's about to very, very soon.

Phil's always been a helper, a guy who puts the needs of others first. But now that he's in high school, helping isn't so easy. And now that he's the gay kid, his identity has gotten complicated. There's no gay community at his conservative Catholic school, but that's also about to change.

This is a story about being a leader even when you're still figuring yourself out.



about 1 month ago maitri said:

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3 months ago Strider said:

I'm loving this book. If your not careful, I'm going to be nagging you daily for more chapters once I'm done with chapter 15. xD good job


3 months ago Struggle_of_a_writer said:

Read more chapters and your writing style is getting better each chapter! It was really believable how Trolljohns anger was being projected on the group because his parents might get divorced. Can't stop reading now haha.


3 months ago Struggle_of_a_writer said:

Hello! I am doing my part of the swapping bargain so here it goes. First off I am an ally to the LGBT Community so I really appreciate you writing about this theme. More books are opening up to this which is just wonderful. I will definitely be reading more and want to witness Phillios character development as he discovers who he is. The way you portray these preschoolers and their clicks is great! Makes me believe that I am back in school haha. Your concept is different which brings out more appeal to it. Keep this up please.



2 months ago Kate Emerson said:

Hey there! So I made it to chapter two!

Here it goes:

So I didn't see much in the grammar related field other than your repeat words occasionally. I'm sorry I didn't write down the specific example, it wasn't often, but you used the same word to describe something.

I enjoyed this chapter a lot. I liked seeing Philio get thrown into a new world. I think your real strength lies within character creation. You describe very realistic, distinguishable people.

I was a little disappointed because to me I felt the pacing was off. It seemed to go by too fast. There were some sentences that were vague on their descriptions especially when he first arrived at high school. To me, although I read the description I felt it significant about his realization of being gay, not that this wasn't I just pictured it being built up a little bit more.

one question: 1) Was Carly with him for the whole remainder of the chapter?

I apologize I'm very tired right now. I plan to read this over again when I'm a tad bit more energetic.

But overall very enjoyable, but the pacing seems fast (It could also be my sleepiness though)

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3 months ago LeChevalierRoland said:

For Chapter One: First off, I would like to say that I liked how you say that “Weirdness is not equal or fair”. The following analogy was really awesome. Using the planets and sun was very original. I was wondering why Philio would pass on such a legacy. What made them think that they needed to spread friendship? I liked your description of Reid and I adore your name choices >.<

Things to work on: In the sentence “I remember [...] sleep in a bed.” I felt like it was unnecessary to say “basically”. Also, the transition into the yearbook signing felt a bit funky. I think that getting rid of the first sentence in that paragraph would do the trick, but that’s up to you.

Overall, I find it interesting how Philio has just taken it upon themself to match people together. It’s an intriguing idea and you give them a wonderfully strong voice.