Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

9 chapters / 2192 words

Approximately 11 minutes to read


(FINISHED Short Film, Fourth Edit Draft) An interesting girl meets another interesting girl on a bridge, they have an interesting story. There's also an interesting boy that doesn't think he's very interesting at all. *The MC is based and named after one of my friends.* **Started in late Sept 2016** ***Cover beautifully done by the lovely Grace Meredith)



11 months ago MaxVor said:

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12 months ago Suren Esh said:

I'm with A.N. Lewis. Can only see the author's info. You'll have to let me know if you figure it out so we can swap. I like to swap. ^_^


about 1 year ago A. N. Lewis said:

Hey, you asked for a swap, but I'm having trouble reading the script. I can only see the author's info. Is there another page I'm supposed to go to? I'd love to read what you have!


about 1 year ago Aly Heckeroth said:

It was such a good writing.I think that you should make another one based on how Johnathon reacts afterwards, and how his life changed. Since you asked me to tell you why I liked it, I will. I think that you developed everything quite nicely. You made me attached to Sage on the third page (second of story). Even though I figured that she was going to die, I didn't want her to. I wanted Sage to live, and do the good things that she would have done. Thank you for inviting me to read this AWESOME story.


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about 1 year ago sonyawilson21 said:

I think the first part I read was great, but there were a few mistakes. I'm interested in reading some more. Keep it up!

My favorite keep calm

about 1 year ago Maddy Melville said:

In 1 scene his should be is ion first paragraph.