A Poem for Blake

A Poem for Blake

1 chapter / 387 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


He is a dream.


Writing, Poetry, Romance


Me footsies

about 6 years ago Adelia said:

"But melted angels sing distorted songs, and your notes are wavering." Holy Cow. Beautiful.


over 6 years ago Sophie said:

It's fantastic! I'm not usually a huge fan of poetry, but I loved the flow of this.


over 6 years ago Dilemma said:

I really like how you write and how the lyrics connect when you put them together even if they seem different if you look at each one seperately.


over 6 years ago Ellie Brazeal said:

I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's perfect. Absolutely perfect. It's nice to know I'm not the only person on God's green earth who knows who Orphues is, either.


Me and ginna

over 5 years ago Jordan Marie said:

Some of your grammar is a bit off, but other than that I really enjoyed the poem. I think the repetition of you saying "You're only a dream" gets to the point that that's what love is.