One Day in Hell

One Day in Hell

29 chapters / 44995 words

Approximately about 4 hours to read


This is a true story. I'm not asking for reviews. If you notice I've used the wrong words or something, go ahead and tell me, but I'm not looking for reviews. This is the story of one week of my life, told entirely from my perspective as best as I can remember. Nothing is made up. Nothing is false. This is what happened to me.
If something doesn't make sense, it's probably because it didn't make sense to me. I'm not even entirely sure everything is in the right order.


Writing, Non-Fiction



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12 months ago Stephanie Horror said:

I write my reviews as I read along so anything I note is just my suggestions or me editing your errors. You may take my review into consideration to help improve your writing or not.

We already talked about this, so just ignore my above introduction.


First paragraph read and I already feel my heart break.

She was with another man. I feel like I want to punch her now, but then again I'm just starting to read the story.

You always chose to be the second guy? That's a first. Usually it's the other way around with females.

Alright, I just went ahead and read the rest of the chapter. I couldn't take pauses to jot down little notes here and there and that was mainly because I was too involved with what happened. For writing a story that actually happened to you, you have a extreme talent for it. Wish I could write true stories like this about my life, but sometimes, things are meant to be taken to the grave.

I feel really sorry for you and all that you went through with this relationship so far. Despite me wanting to punch the female character, I also understand it was a relationship you wanted with her as well. I won't say it was the best relationship from my judgment, but I can also understand how hard it was to walk away from someone so special like that. Though at the end of the chapter, I wish you never done that with the pills. I can't imagine what was actually going through your mind at that moment and the effects your body had after that. That's awful...and I'm too speechless right now to find the right words to say to finish this sentence, but sadly I can't...

Day 1-PART 2

Damn, she still wouldn't come over? She's starting to piss me right the hell off.

Wow. I'm really, really amazed and impressed at how smooth-paced this is. For it being a true story, it isn't rushed and I can actually see and feel what you went through. One thing is for sure though, it was a little hard for me to read the scenes where you threw up, but I was more than happy she finally helped you to the hospital and stayed with you. So far so good, but I still can't help but wonder why you wanted to be in this relationship with someone that's already seeing someone else. I know for a fact you could've done better than her. But then again, I respect the fact that you both experienced something like this because not everyone goes through a toxic relationship and has the strength to leave and say goodbye (not in the way you tried to do in the first chapter) to the person they love.

Day 1-PART 3


Day 1-PART 4


My heart breaks, aches and mourns for you in the most apologetic way I can't even begin to think about or fail to describe. The more I read, the more I begin to learn a little bit more about you and your situations, and not to mention, your life story. I don't know your real-life character, but just by judging your “book-character”, you sound like a very sweet guy. Some of the stuff you mentioned, I can relate too. Like for starters, thinking that death is the easy way out to see if the one you love is willing to drop everything just to come and save you. Yup, been there done that. But I took more of a...harsh approach? If that's what you call it when it comes to slicing your wrist. So believe me when I say this: I lived a similar story to yours, and I extremely know the pain, and want/need when it comes to someone you desperately want.

But seeing how truly you were with this young lady, I wished she would've left that guy she was with and chose you instead. Then maybe, just maybe, this story would've never been written. Then you would've never made the poor choices you did, and not to mention, going through so much pain as you did. But honestly, I'm very happy you made it this far today. I'm very proud of you for coming this far and being here. I can't help but want to thank you for sharing your eventful life story here for everyone to read. I highly recommend everyone should read this. Not because to be in your business, but to show the poor choices one can make, and building the strength to walk away and saying goodbye to something this severe. A toxic relationship may ruin you, and could perhaps lend you to do something far more disgusting, but the best thing about these relationships is finding the courage and strength within yourself to leave. I'm happy I found the courage to leave when I did. I hope and pray that you're happy now, and will find someone better who really deserves you. Never give up on yourself because you're far more too valuable than you think you are. ♡ ♡ ♡

By the way, before I end this review, I just want to say you have a talent for writing, and when it comes to writing real-life stories like this, you should definitely think about being a journalist. I'm sure you'll be good at it because you're already good at writing stories so far.