"Just Friends"

"Just Friends"

1 chapter / 474 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


What happens when someone who's afraid of commitment develops feelings for a friend.


Writing, Poetry, Romance



3 months ago Writer Reads said:

This was so beautiful! It made me a little misty-eyed.

Big bros 4!!!

3 months ago |-/One-Lost-Pilot|-/ said:

This piece is beautifully written. The thoughts, the word choice the way it melts together. I really enjoyed this piece not only because it's beautiful but because I can relate to this. I had a connection because once I was that girl. I too had feelings for my best friend and well I thought friends was a better way to stay. but one day he just randomly kissed me and I was surprised. That same week he got a girl friend and stopped talking to me...its junior year for us and that was sophomore year he stopped...anyway, why am I telling you this? You probably could care less but CONGRATS! You even made me spill abit about myself XD. I loved it.

Sincerely, One-Lost-Pilot


3 months ago Natasha Cronin said:

Hey Mari! Thanks for sharing something so deep and personal. I think a lot of girls can understand that and it was nice to read a well-known feeling described by someone else! What I liked most was the idea and main emotion - I might have phrased it differently at times, but thats up to you. GO girl!


Erika (4)

3 months ago Katnoire said:

this is so beautiful


5 months ago A.R. KYRON said:

I review as I read. These are just personal opinions and thoughts, so don't take them too seriously.

I love the first two lines! I think it's a perfect way to start an emotional poem. This opening pair touched me indeed.

I have the same thing to say about the following two lines as well. You expressed the narrator's condition quite beautifully.

Next stanza, last line. I think it'll look better if you start a new line from 'as easily as paper'

Next stanza. Another awesome portion here!

In the following stanza, I'd disagree with the line. I mean 'no risk' is all good but I think 'no feelings' or 'no trust' didn't work for me actually.

Next stanza.

Artistic! Awesome way to express yourself!

Following stanza.

You can break the first two lines into smaller fragments.

The next few lines are great like before.

This poem is just beautiful! I really enjoyed the metaphors used here. The whole piece is awesome.

You're truly a good poet. Keep it up!