A Pleasent Death

A Pleasent Death

1 chapter / 305 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Inspired by my sister's poem 'Its my pride'
Check this one out-



3 months ago Cynthia Silver☾✯ said:

Wow. I'm stunned speechless by the powerful message of this. I love how right-to-the-point you were with this, and it was really effective in delivering its message of patriotism. I especially loved how you never mentioned a specific country, which makes the story applicable to anyone and everyone. There is really nothing I can suggest, it was perfect all the way. Great job!


3 months ago Arietta Coleman said:

Short was great. Got its point across and is touching for anyone of any nation in war. :)

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3 months ago Noceurx said:

I commend your skill for being able to tell such a fulfilling story in so few words :o This was very passionate with emotions flowing right off the page and a much more enjoyable read than I expected (I don't typically read these sorts of genres/topics.) The vivid imagery and way you expressed his feelings really drew me in. Great work here~!


3 months ago Haley Kissell (full hiatus) said:

Fantastic. Short and to the point but still thrilling.



8 days ago Rachel Magaria Hilborn said:

Oh my goodness this is great! It's short and sweet, you know? Long enough to tell the story; any shorter and justice wouldn't have been done, and yet any additions I feel like would take away from it. So I feel like this was very well done on your part. Now, I totally feel like a total hypocrite telling you this because I struggle with it so much myself: but I do think that your tenses tend to switch back and forth quite a bit; past with present. Gosh, isn't that the pot calling the kettle black. But oh well! you asked for a review so I gave it. All the best to a fellow figgie. Cheers, love!

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2 months ago Magan said:

Wow! This is a great writing! The words are powerful and you can really tell how much the character loves their home nation. Nothing I would suggest!