Divine and Fell

Divine and Fell

19 chapters / 62700 words

Approximately about 5 hours to read


This land has been called many names, but is now the continent of Ylisse. In the southeast is the Halidom of Ylisse, ruled in peace by the exalt, she who is revered for being descended from he who slew the fell dragon Grima, and the common people's connection to the divine dragon Naga. In the southwest is the kingdom of Plegia, they who worship the fell dragon Grima and wish for his return. Naturally, there would be tensions.

Lissa is used to all of this, as she and her older brother have lived in the halidom all of their lives. The stranger they have found, Robin, is not used to anything because of her vacant memory. She will have to grow accostumed quickly however, for tensions between Plegia and Ylisse are growing once again. War is only a few steps away, and to top it all off, the dead seem to want to be a part of it all, along with a mysterious swordsman who goes by the name of the Hero-King of the old kingdom of Altea.

*Fire Emblem Awakening Fanfiction Book One*



5 months ago ScarletKnight said:

In the words of dear Ricken..

"'Be good'? Who does he think I am.?! Well, I'll show him! I can hold my own!"


5 months ago ScarletKnight said:



6 months ago •Jinghay• said:

I am back my friend

Yaassss update! I'm currently at a shop but I shall save your chapters! Talk soon!

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7 months ago Samuel Roberts said:

Oh hey, a legit FE fanfiction. I thought I was the only one making one.



2 months ago jaz said:


Scrambled eggs are the easiest to do XD. So… is this Lissa?

If Chrom interrupted because of the awkward moment with the dense part, then this has to be… Robin? Anyways let me just keep reading.

Yup yup. It makes me wonder though. Lissa and Robin seem too similar in personality that they could actually be twins. Also… cooking wise, I expected Robin to be a professional. You know? The mysterious, amnesia bit that hides a lot of talent?

Came ‘thundering”. I like that!

Risen! Haha. But if they’re stationary, the Shepherds could’ve just finished their breakfast first.

Are you making Chrom protective of Sumia because they’re the ship that you’re intending to sail? It can’t be. Chrom is a dense Ox.

Yup! This scene is memorable! Ha ha the guy forgets his ax.

Recoiled in pain… if you mean that it was pushed a little backward then that sounds good.

Finally! The guy had found it.

The witch, right? I think she even said the same line about the ax in the game.

What about Miriel and her face? I didn’t get Robin’s analogy…

Deaf…? They’re not really alive though. But I get why they aren’t moving. The game had stationary units that don’t move at all XD. Anyway I’m expecting a Risen Chief to show up.

If they can see the Risen on the bridge, can’t Virion shoot them with an arrow?

Excellent use of strategy. I wish you explained how many of the Risen are left though. That way I could’ve imagined it better.

Jostled? This is a new one for me. And this might be muscle memory on Robin’s part, which is good.

The Risin aren’t doing much except attacking and dying. It gets dull halfway honestly. But since this is everyone’s first teamwork battle, I guess its okay.

At least he remembers that a hand axe can be thrown. But realistically, ANY ax can be thrown. Just… doesn’t expect that it will come flying back XD. It would be funny if the handaxe came back like a boomerang even after the undead was already dead though.

Good chap overall. Maybe it would be game-like if Chrom and Fredrick said what they usually said after a skirmish with the Risen.

“That takes care of the Risen.”

“Maybe this place will be peaceful for a spell.”

Still. I’ll try to read more as soon as I can.


2 months ago jaz said:

How to Talk to Women

Odd title, considering that Robin is a woman too.

What game did she have in there? I have no idea what vuleraries look but since you can’t use a staff, you’ll have to make due in restoring 10 HP.

Would you believe that she was a Tourndabour… was it? Healer on a horse… even I couldn’t believe it.

Was Sumia a mage too? I thought only advanced Pegasus knights were mages. Then again, the rules had been turned over and over again in every game that my head was spinning.

Green ornamented…? Oh right THIS is Stahl. I was expecting the one who’s existence is always forgotten.

Widely dishevelled? You really intrigue me with your vocabulary.

Haha seriously I remember the level where I had to carry that deadweight Vaike for a few turns because he didn’t have a weapon. Plus he’s a berserker, right? So his accuracy skill is unbearable.

Stahl’s rather picky when it comes to spelling huh?

Fire IS the most accurate magic. I prefer light though as it also heals.

Wow travel is long here. In the game, they often just feel like a breeze.

Ruffles? Who is that again?

Sully, Lissa, and even Sumia can’t cook? Why does that not surprise me? In shows/games today, it’s the males that turn out to be the chefs.

"I love you all, but I also love food." That’s an odd line to say. How does that relate?

Is faceplant actually a word? Yes, I know what it means and its funny. Just wondering though. What does that have to do with forgoing a lance?

Fall in a flop that somehow looked graceful. Is Robin trying to be nice here? XD

Didn’t they have relatively free days recently? The Risen had only attacked once and bandits were no problem for them.

I thought Chrom was going to say “I had forgotten that you were a lady.” OR I never thought of you as a lady haha.

Ah there it is! He said it. That’s so Chrom. His rambling was just digging him into a deeper pit.

Okay. Jokes aside, Robin’s taking Chrom’s denseness too seriously. Now I understand where the title came from.

Honestly, none of the ladies so far actually showed ladylike manners. Mariabelle, maybe. If only she wasn’t yelling a lot. But It’s a war, so that’s understandable. The only ones that could be called ‘ladies’ are the princesses or queens when they are out of battle wear. Finally I think I prefer the ‘brotherhood between Chrom and the male Robin. Let’s see where you take this though.