Divine and Fell

Divine and Fell

12 chapters / 34539 words

Approximately about 3 hours to read


This land has been called many names, but is now the continent of Ylisse. In the southeast is the Halidom of Ylisse, ruled in peace by the exalt, she who is revered for being descended from he who slew the fell dragon Grima, and the common people's connection to the divine dragon Naga. In the southwest is the kingdom of Plegia, they who worship the fell dragon Grima and wish for his return. Naturally, there would be tensions.

Lissa is used to all of this, as she and her older brother have lived in the halidom all of their lives. The stranger they have found, Robin, is not used to anything because of her vacant memory. She will have to grow accostumed quickly however, for tensions between Plegia and Ylisse are growing once again. War is only a few steps away, and to top it all off, the dead seem to want to be a part of it all, along with a mysterious swordsman who goes by the name of the Hero-King of the old kingdom of Altea.

*Fire Emblem Awakening Fanfiction Book One*



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13 days ago Dawn Kearns said:

Apparently the top few sentences of my review got cut off, oops. I was basically saying that the sentence about Flavia having the strength of a mercenary and a fighter was a bit weird.

Avaminn f'nett 2

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wardly worded. Also, swords and axes aren't necessarily applied to mercenaries and fighters in that order - both can use either. (Unless this is a Fire Emblem-specific class thing) Anyway, she seems like she's going to be a cool character once we see her fight.

Robin is Plegian, right? Why isn't Flavia questioning her or at least suspicious of her, at least until she's confirmed trustworthy by her friends?

"The victo acquires" - I think that should be "victor"

I very much enjoyed all of Robin's analytical thoughts throughout the chapter. Intelligent characters always tend to be my favourites, after all.

"I love shopping!" - Typical teenage girl...

There should be a sale? On what?