Divine and Fell

Divine and Fell

18 chapters / 53255 words

Approximately about 4 hours to read


This land has been called many names, but is now the continent of Ylisse. In the southeast is the Halidom of Ylisse, ruled in peace by the exalt, she who is revered for being descended from he who slew the fell dragon Grima, and the common people's connection to the divine dragon Naga. In the southwest is the kingdom of Plegia, they who worship the fell dragon Grima and wish for his return. Naturally, there would be tensions.

Lissa is used to all of this, as she and her older brother have lived in the halidom all of their lives. The stranger they have found, Robin, is not used to anything because of her vacant memory. She will have to grow accostumed quickly however, for tensions between Plegia and Ylisse are growing once again. War is only a few steps away, and to top it all off, the dead seem to want to be a part of it all, along with a mysterious swordsman who goes by the name of the Hero-King of the old kingdom of Altea.

*Fire Emblem Awakening Fanfiction Book One*



about 1 month ago ScarletKnight said:

In the words of dear Ricken..

"'Be good'? Who does he think I am.?! Well, I'll show him! I can hold my own!"


about 1 month ago ScarletKnight said:



2 months ago •Jinghay• said:

I am back my friend

Yaassss update! I'm currently at a shop but I shall save your chapters! Talk soon!

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3 months ago Samuel Roberts said:

Oh hey, a legit FE fanfiction. I thought I was the only one making one.


Avaminn f'nett 2

2 months ago Dawn Kearns said:

Two Falchions

Sorry, I meant to get to this earlier, but I've been really slow on swaps lately...

"More show than harm?" Yep, someone's going to get hurt. I'm calling it.

Hmm, I wonder if his opponent has some sort of weapon-copying ability...that would be interesting and pretty awesome.

Who yelled "My father?" Also, what was meant by that anyway, or was it a general exclamation?

Compared to your other fight scenes, this one felt a bit messy and confusing to me. I didn't always know what was happening and could only visualize it half the time. Maybe I was just distracted, I don't know, but you should read it over.

A healing sword? That's pretty cool and different.

"It was love at first sight" - What was love at first sight?

"He gives orders. I stab people." - This reminds me of one of my own lines, just in reverse. *laughs* That line being "I am the one who makes the plans. You are the one who kills things when I order you to."

Why do I feel like he doesn't like women because one beat him in a fight once or something along those lines?

Robin is generally one of the smartest ones. But someone throwing a match could mean something other than them being an ally. I'm surprised she didn't consider other reasons why he may have done that.


3 months ago jaz said:

Unwelcome Change

Flat of the blade grazed against his neck and shoulders. Ah! I love how you described how Lucina was holding the monster back. Comparing her hair color to Chrom kinda made her connection to him obvious though.

No one recognized her sword? Well you can't really say that Lissa wasn't observant as she described "Marth" rather well. Plus Lissa just wouldn't stop whining haha. And that was a wonderful explanation. I was wondering why Lucina was impersonating Marth. She does kinda look like him.

Scowled... shambling... wow. Good use of words.

Magic is usually what always work on the undead:)


Um... I would like it better if the POV switches to Chrom or Sully. It's hard to narrate everything to a woman who is hiding in a fort. She should be healing then ya know.

Fredrick with the tree branch? funny. Although what happened? Why doesn't he have a lance/sword?

Lissa was attacked from behind? So since its Perma death, does that mean she is?

Okay. She's very much alive. But to get a direct hit by an arrow and to survive is... odd.

At least give the monsters a name. Didn't Lucina give them the name "Risen"?

Ruffles? I don't get it. Visage is okay I think I got that. Anyway this was a nice read overall.