A Ballad of Two Old Dogs

A Ballad of Two Old Dogs

1 chapter / 1677 words

Approximately 8 minutes to read


I call this grandpa fiction. It is meant to be light-hearted and humorous, for the most part, and I guess also practice for me with dialect and voice and stuff.



11 months ago MaxVor said:

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4 months ago Tanuma Kuroyike said:

The story's narration style is particularly cranky and lingers here and there on unimportant details. However, it suits the narrator, who is a lofty old man. We see his life from his perspective, and how despite the petty arguments, he still loves his wife very much. That aspect of the character is expressed very well. The only flaw of this story is perhaps the lack of any conflict and major plot devices, just a mundane routine of the old man done over a hundred times. But I guess that's the point of the story. The punchline at the end though, haha, it's brilliant.


10 months ago Lillie Caroline said:

I sincerely loved this! The dialogue was spot-on, and the twist at the end of "You're really old" made me laugh out-loud.

Although, I would suggest not having so many run-on sentences. You can still have a rambling narrator, but maybe replace some commas with periods. :)

Regardless, great job!!