Ranger of Path

Ranger of Path

55 chapters / 118563 words

Approximately about 10 hours to read


Logs of griffin shit fall from the sky and vampires hide under beds. Holy war has come again to the realms, and all must beware the hybrids of mortal and divine.

Memories of a bitter mother and a recent act of betrayal have Ishkur in a panic to ignore heroism and embrace his adventuring band's fresh ruthlessness so he isn't orphaned again.


Comedy, Fantasy, Horror


Annabelle lee

6 days ago S. Welch said:

Hey! Can we swap? A detailed review and revision suggestions for "Sentimental Lust For All" and I'll do the same for one of your readings.


10 months ago imranuddin said:

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11 months ago Connie said:

I really like your writing style and how you describe things. Very enjoyable story.


11 months ago ShadowKingLegette said:

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12 months ago Deeani Gonzalez said:

Hey! I saw your comment on my thread and took your offer. Here's my review for your chapter:

Your story thus far has a very interesting premise and concepts. Always having been a lover of mythology, your Greek-inspired mythological elements mixed with medieval-esque elves and settings are very intriguing. I also like your naming in that it's believeable--many authors I've read come up with all too noticeably made-up names like Bungiramu or something. Ishkur somewhat gives me a Arabesque feel, but that may just be the linguistics nerd in me. You're also very good at imagery. As witty and revolting an image as gryphon feces can be, it was certainly a striking image, along with your scenic descriptions. On a related note, I enjoy some of Ishkur's witty reflections.

That said, you have really promising concepts, but I feel you ought to reveal them more gradually. When it comes to world-building, it's good to drop a reader smack into the world, but also guide them and not leave them lost. There's too much going on, information-wise and conflict-wise, in this one chapter. I'm learning that there was a fall-out with his band, about his mother and guilt, learning that he gets possessed by a demi-god, learning about their mythology, his relationship to Hildr, learning about other characters, all without seeing a clear connection yet, so that it feels more like random spouts of information that can leave confusion. In this sense, I'm not grasping a clear direction/plot for the story. It seems like the band and his mother are the most key conflicts to him, so perhaps you might want to focus on these primarily and gradually incorporate related elements like Hildr.

All in all, a very promising concept! I hope this was helpful and the best of luck in writing!