High Priestess of the Blue(SHORT)

High Priestess of the Blue(SHORT)

1 chapter / 2045 words

Approximately 10 minutes to read


Figgy Idol audition piece. Season 4.

SHORT STORY version of Priestess of the Blue, a WIP book I wish to publish on figment in the near future.

Ryona is a swords woman who loves her trait. The mere fact of exhilarating wind and speed, agility and danger, and the feel of the sword's cool metal in her hand, was enough to make her fall in love with it.

When she is suddenly demanded a dual from someone who is not familiar. She knows this might be a match to the death.

Cover by Elizabeth Blair



5 months ago Haley Kissell (full hiatus) said:

This is so sad! It was well written and I didn't see any grammatical errors. The only thing I would suggest is leaving out the parentheses when you're describing things.

Otherwise, this was well paced, action packed and an enjoyable read!


5 months ago Indigo Indivar said:

I read through a few of the other comments and reviews trying to get more if a feel for things. However, I feel that just saying what I really thought is the only way to do anybody justice.

I thought this piece was really well written. The mix of descriptiveness and flashbacks with the main storyline worked well in your favor. I honestly didn't worry about looking through for grammar or sentence structure errors because I wanted to focus on the quality of your story. With that in mind, I wish I had some advice or details that would better move your story along. Alas, I was so enthralled in what you wrote nothing phased me as unworthy in your writing.

You did a wonderful job!

Indigo Indivar


5 months ago Coral Vaci said:

*tries to think of something to say* Ohmygosh! I felt like I was reading a professional story!

Wolf in the snoe

5 months ago Cassidy Helens said:

Amazing! This is a story I would definitely read again. It's descriptive and creative,and your idea could even make a really exiting series.



5 months ago Wyatt Jaymes said:

Although there were some grammar and spelling errors, this was a great piece. It was remarkably intriguing and well written. I hopee you continue it because you left me wanting to know more. Also, it sounds you need to read out loud to yourself because you have some missing words.

This is truly a good piece to audition with. You came with a lot just from a prompt. Keep writing!!!!


5 months ago Courtney Dozier said:

I really enjoyed this! You have a couple spelling errors (dual in this context is spelled duel), but the plot is interesting and suspenseful. I was immediately hooked. If you made this into a book, I think it would be great. It has a lot of potential. Great job!