Broken Record

Broken Record

1 chapter / 1271 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


"I think I found something!" Ezra ends up in a mortal graveyard by accident and is woken up by a small child with a flashlight that has no business being as bright as it is. *FIGGY IDOL!* Is going! This is my audition piece for season four.


Writing, Short Story



6 months ago Connie said:

This was a interesting and enjoyable read. I like your writing style.


6 months ago Haley Kissell (full hiatus) said:

Hey Hazel! Thanks for ordering from Haley's Heart & Review Emporium!

I've heard of Figgy Idol - I see this is an audition for it! This was a really good story with no grammatical errors that I could find. It was a bit confusing in the middle and I think if you added more chapters you could clear up some questions- maybe even make it into a book and have it published.


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