C.o.t.F.S.: The Rise of Corpsefire

C.o.t.F.S.: The Rise of Corpsefire

17 chapters / 26865 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


This is a work in progress!
In the midst of great war between two sides of four different nations, an old enemy arises to destroy them all.
Thrown from the lives they once knew, a group of rebels from all four of the warring kingdoms must make peace with one another to defeat their common enemy. Blood will be spilled and friends will fall. Will they all survive against the onslaught of the Corpsefire?
Chronicles of the Fantasy Squadron Book 1


Adventure, Fantasy, Novel



about 1 month ago Dawn Kearns said:

I like your new cover!



1 day ago Dawn Kearns said:

Chapter 16

Apparently all redheads look the same, who knew? Seriously, though, this is the SECOND time Sara has been mistaken for someone else.

"Shoving an arrow through a Warsgalan girl" - This makes it sound like Faith is pushing the arrow into her rather than out of her.

"I sense a magic" - Shouldn't that just be "I sense magic"?

Pfft, this scene with Tilera seems like something out of an anime. It always has to happen. *laughs*

He gets knocked out by a door hitting him in the face? How hard must that have been? It seems a bit silly right now, especially after all the other stuff he's been through.

I feel like this chapter could have been lengthened a bit. Not a lot happened and I was hoping Sara would finally wake up.

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2 days ago Jo said:


All these different names for the kingdoms will probably end up confusing me, but at the moment I notice it's pretty cool that you came up with such good ones.

The fight scenes are written really well, something I notice a lot of people have trouble with. This main character is pretty cool too. It seems like his powers are over the earth, so that's pretty cool.

With this heart in the cauldron and green smoke thing, all I've got on my mind is Once Upon A Time.


The part about Gaura denying wrongdoing is funny ;D He's actually a very interesting character right off the bat and I can't wait to see more about him. His backstory is pretty interesting.

I thought the fight scene at the end was pretty interesting and I think I kinda like Sarai. It'll be pretty cool seeing more of her. Girls who can fight always draw my attention.


I feel like the name Sara is close enough to Sarai where it's a little confusing, I thought they were going to be the same person until the mention of Sara's boyfriend. But Sara seems like a pretty interesting character so far.

Louis was kind of funny with the part about never killing anybody before.

Okay, they have the same hair color. I feel like calling her Sarai and Sara is either a lot of really bad typos or it's intentional, but I'm getting the feeling that they really are the same person.

I like Leon too...


Ouch, poor Riley...she seems like she'll be cool to read about. That situation where she went to go change is awful.

So the training scene at the end was good but felt a little rushed. Riley being the only one to really hear what is said about being part of the guard is a little unbelievable. But otherwise it was good.

So I found it hard to come up with stuff to say cause this was really good and I don't think I could think of much negativity which is usually pretty easy for me. This was really good.