C.o.t.F.S.: The Rise of Corpsefire

C.o.t.F.S.: The Rise of Corpsefire

14 chapters / 22443 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


This is a work in progress!
In the midst of great war between two sides of four different nations, an old enemy arises to destroy them all.
Thrown from the lives they once knew, a group of rebels from all four of the warring kingdoms must make peace with one another to defeat their common enemy. Blood will be spilled and friends will fall. Will they all survive against the onslaught of the Corpsefire?
Chronicles of the Fantasy Squadron Book 1


Adventure, Fantasy, Novel



17 days ago Dawn Kearns said:

I like your new cover!



1 day ago Dawn Kearns said:

Chapter 13

Another Faith chapter? I was expecting to see Sara again, but I think I like Faith more.

At first I assumed the dream was actually a flashback to when Faith was younger, about how he became a mage, but I guess it's a dream that confused him. Well, if you're including it, it has to be relevant.

Tilera? I actually thought she was dead. Her characterization here seems different from what I remember - wasn't she super overemotional? Now, even though she's crying, she's a lot calmer abut it. Though that could just be because I haven't seen her in a while.

And now two of the main characters meet! I bet Sara won't be joining them for a while, though. I really like how Faith used a combination of different magic types t heal her. It's unuque and I've never seen something like it before.


5 days ago Dawn Kearns said:

Chapter 12

Ooh, a new POV character! And he's...you? Or at least he shares your name.

New York? I didn't really expect our world to be brought into this. Sometimes this is pulled off really well, sometimes not. I can't make any judgements yet.

"the only things these people know how to make" - change things to thing

A magic gun in a medieval fantasy world is pretty awesome, not gonna lie. Christian sounds like a villain so far, but maybe the people he killed were tyrants, so I'm not sure yet.

Okay, he's definitely a bad guy if he killed Sarai and wants to kill Faith.

The bartender's comment made me laugh.

Oh, so he's a mercenary? Awesome. I'm really enjoying this character, and this was a great introductory chapter for him.