3 chapters / 3746 words

Approximately 19 minutes to read


Work in progress!!!

Once, long ago, mankind was pushed to the brink of extinction by an invisible foe until the Guardian Warriors, a group of knights granted with the power to see and fight these mysterious monsters, the Dolzhirn, pushed humanity's aggressors back to where they had come from.

But now the Dolzhirn are back, killing off the Guardian Warriors and any candidates for recruitment. And the problems only continue to stack up when the world discounts the Guardian Warriors and forces them to fight in secret. A war fought in secret, with humanity on the losing side.

But all of that changes when a high school boy with a gift comes along, that gift being that he can see and fight the Dolzhirn without taking the oath. Having been thrown into the midst of a war far beyond him, Jean must face a choice: stand and fight or run and hide. And the fate of the world rests upon his answer.

Blood will be spilled, allies slain, and ties broken. There is no room for mistake. This is war.





10 months ago Jessica Kern said:

The story line is interesting. I'm looking forward to reading more!


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