Miracle Amidst Misery

Miracle Amidst Misery

1 chapter / 797 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


As I sit and think about the last week, I can’t help but think that the very man I started my life with will be the one who ended it too. These was my last thought before drifting into a deep sleep. As morning approached I began to wake up. I looked around and dread consumed me. It wasn’t fake; I am in this cell, I am going to die, and it’s all because of my husband.
My name is Elizabeth Proctor, my husband’s name is John Proctor. It seemed like forever ago when I felt safe. When in reality it was only one month ago. John was a well-respected man amongst them all. Me, I kept to myself, but I was still respected in my community. You could say we were in the higher class. We believed that we could never even be accused of this “witch craft” that everyone was playing along with. Yet it still happened. I look around my jail cell and sigh, I still can’t believe that was only one simple month ago. As I stop to think about something even graver. Something that seemed like yesterday, but in reality was three months ago. Abagail Williams was a sweet innocent girl to me in the beginning. It was awhile before I realized what was happening right under my nose. My husband had an affair with this Abagail. I imminently fired her and told her to leave my house. “BANG” something loud snapped me out of my daydreaming. It was just the guard. He said in a rough voice.
“Elizabeth it’s time to get, the doctor’s ready to see you”
As I stood up, the room started spinning. I felt nauseous and managed to peep out “I think I’m going to throw up.” The guard just sat and watched, with a disgusted look on his face, as I sat and puked up the only thing in my system. I finished and with all the dignity I could muster, I said “I am ready.” As were walking down the corridor to the doctor I can smell the decay of hope and feel the eyes stare into my back. I don’t even have to look to read their faces; pity. We turned and at the end of the hall and there was the doctor’s room. The doctor was somebody that I had only seen once while I have been here.
“How do you feel Elizabeth?” He asked, seeming genially concerned.
“Fine” I lied, with a fake smile plastered on my face.
“Any morning sickness? “Mood swings?”
I didn’t answer because I had not yet thought of the possibilities of my illness.
“It seems even in these awful times some good things come out of it. You’re pregnant Elizabeth”
I sat dumbfounded. “Me pregnant..?” “That cannot possibility be” I think it over and it’s just not possible. But maybe, just maybe, that night when John and I tried so hard to remember the love we once shared for each other. “Doctor you must help me. I don’t know what to do. The last child I had… I went into a depression so deep I couldn’t dig my way out.” As I sat stunned the doctor tried talking to me.
“Elizabeth? Elizabeth? Hun?” “Guard take her back to her cell. It seems she’s in shock”
I could hear the doctor, I just couldn’t respond. As the guard moves to pick me up all I can think about is depression. It consumes me and at that exact moment I realize I hate this “miracle thing” that has happened to me. I lay in my cell not remembering how I got here. All of a sudden I look up and there’s the doctor standing with the judge. The doctor smiles and says.
“Be grateful because of this baby you will not hang.”
I say nothing but chock back a cry of relief. Crying and praying to god, they leave me to thank God by myself. On the floor is my meal and today, unlike any other day, I will eat all of it. For my baby, for me, and for John. Oh John will be pleased. Another child is just what will bring us together. We can raise this kid away from this horrific place and John. John? John won’t be pleased, he’ll be dead. My baby will have no dad. How will I ever explain this to him? Him, yes it’ll be a boy. I can feel it. My baby boy will grow up without a dad but, he will know how courageous and good his father was! He will take his father’s name. John will like that I believe and I’ll hold on and care for this baby. The last gift John will ever have given me.




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