Robyn Hood And The Army Of Droids

Robyn Hood And The Army Of Droids

1 chapter / 1887 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


A dystopian retelling of the classic legend Robin Hood

Figgy Idol Entry.

It has come to the point where technology has taken over the world, and entire countries have been replaced by a mechanical rule... will Robyn and her men save the last humans in the country from total discussion? Or are they all doomed?


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5 months ago Irene Grey said:

Why so sad??????? UGH I LOVED THIS. And of course it can have no sequels or anything now, GOSH DARN YOU. Harrumph. Lovely, thrilling writing as always, m'dear. :)


Avaminn f'nett 2

5 months ago Dawn Kearns said:

Excellent first paragraph! I would reword the second sentance as "I walk among the thorns, my bare feet not feeling any pain" just because "My feet walk" sounds a bit odd.

I'm getting a bit of a Star Wars vibe from this.

I'd change Robyn's thoughts in "We most likely won't survive today..." entirely to future tense.

I'm assuming most of the male characters listed won't even be relevant so I'd avoid listing them all by name.

"Most of those continents..." You only listed three. "Two of those continents" would be better.

For a futuristic society, the droids capturing them in a car seems a bit ordinary. Why not have a cool hovercraft or other futuristic vehicle?

Old rope and cracked wood? I'd expect something more fancy from these droids who are presumably the leaders of the society.

Overall I really liked this story, but I feel like, despite the archery and characters' names, this wasn't much of a Robin Hood adaptation. No stealing from the rich and giving to the poor? Nothing called "Sherwood" or "Nottingham?" I don't see a character similar to the friar, and Matthew seems entirely original. There were also a few places in the story where there should have been commas but weren't.