All of My Broken Pieces

All of My Broken Pieces

37 chapters / 1275 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


A collection of my pieces, the ones that have been stolen, the one that have been left behind, and the ones that have been put back together; all broken in their own way.


Writing, Poetry


Candy corn

18 days ago Christine Hungerford said:

Wow! I really like the writing technique (the way the words flow together to make a beautifully crafted poem)! I only read some, but most of them were great!

I believe you could have given a little more description on the first 6 (the ones I read). Just make sure the audience knows that you're talking about the word at the bottom. If you think that the poem explains Silence or Gasping, that is fine. Don't think you have to change. Just my opinion.


3 months ago Jacklyn said:

Hi! I'd like to say these poems are simply amazing and deep. It's wonderful to see poems like yours, which make you think and ponder. Overall, I'd say the raw emotion and the fluidity makes your poem very nice to read. :)


3 months ago Hannah Grace said:

These poems are all so deep. Simple illustrations, but deep meanings. I especially like Glass Bowls are like People, because I've never thought of it that way but it makes complete sense! All in all, amazing job. The poems make me think about my own experiences as well as wonder what inspired them. Great job!


3 months ago Megannah Eyre said:

This book of poetry is phenomenal. I'm sorry I haven't been able to look at it for some time. Just trying to piece all of my broken pieces together. Hahah. No pun intended. Lovely work.


Candy corn

18 days ago Christine Hungerford said:

I really believe you have a talent for poetry, Meg! I think you should show everyone you know, those on Figment as well as in your own life. I don't doubt they would enjoy your poems!

Thanks for sharing:)

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about 1 month ago G. Francis said:

NOTE: I give constructive feedback based on my opinion and past experience as a writer. I don't expect you to take all or any of my advice if it doesn't suit your preferences.

I genuinely love this. Very unique way to execute multiple poems and create one masterpiece. I can clearly see how they're all connected and it's clear that this is all coming from one person rather than multiple styles jumbled together.

These poems all had a wonderful flow to them and you managed to transition from each one fluidly. The formatting of each one also fit the message you were trying to send. (especially Hit & Run)

Overall, great pieces! I absolutely love your writing style and this book as a whole is one magnificent work of art. Nice job and keep it up!

- G. Francis