All of My Broken Pieces

All of My Broken Pieces

33 chapters / 1127 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


A collection of my pieces, the ones that have been stolen, the one that have been left behind, and the ones that have been put back together; all broken in their own way.


Writing, Poetry



8 days ago Jacklyn said:

Hi! I'd like to say these poems are simply amazing and deep. It's wonderful to see poems like yours, which make you think and ponder. Overall, I'd say the raw emotion and the fluidity makes your poem very nice to read. :)


8 days ago Hannah Grace said:

These poems are all so deep. Simple illustrations, but deep meanings. I especially like Glass Bowls are like People, because I've never thought of it that way but it makes complete sense! All in all, amazing job. The poems make me think about my own experiences as well as wonder what inspired them. Great job!


10 days ago Megannah Eyre said:

This book of poetry is phenomenal. I'm sorry I haven't been able to look at it for some time. Just trying to piece all of my broken pieces together. Hahah. No pun intended. Lovely work.


20 days ago Anndrea Davis said:

these poems are beautiful pieces of work. They show so much emotion and I love how they begin where you are talking about being sort of broken, but by the end you are gathering your pieces. This is wonderful!



24 days ago Isabel S. said:

Echoing the review before me, I have to say that this is very beautiful. I love how all of the individual poems are also strung together to tell one long story. Nicely done.

I have a few comments, but they're pretty minor. You forgot to capitalize "how" in Ch. 17, and "to" in Ch. 30. Also, I can't help but wonder if there's a better word to use than "scower" in Ch. 22. Scower (or scour) means "to clean or brighten the surface of (something) by rubbing it hard, typically with an abrasive or detergent". While I can obviously see how you're not using a scrub brush here, I don't think the guy is "cleaning or brightening" here.

Again, another word that might be used wrong: "devoutly" in Ch. 23. Devout means "totally committed to a cause or belief". It doesn't make sense for someone to "devoutly shatter them" as you said. Maybe you could find another word?

Again, great job! These poems are amazing! Keep it up!


24 days ago A.L. Lombaard said:

This is exceptionally beautiful!

I love the way it's structured, I can totally see this as a collection you'd buy with lovely illustrations surrounding the poems! Or maybe that's just me ...

What a particularly love is that it tells a story, it begins with heartbreak, then you deal with the consequences of the heartbreak, and then it ends with healing. The messages are powerful, the emotions raw and real and so relatable. I particularly enjoyed "Something to Tell Yourself".

Just, wow. This is amazing and wonderful and beautiful and everyone should read it!