My Digital Dad

My Digital Dad

2 chapters / 2027 words

Approximately 10 minutes to read


My dad left a year and a half ago. We haven't seen him since. Now, he's back, and a whole bunch of drama comes with him. This is how I was reunited with-my now famous- dad.




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7 months ago Christian Morrison said:

I like your character in this one. I'm a guy, but I can actually imagine myself in that situation. You've done pretty well.

"As I walk past the edge of town and a bright poster catches my eye" is awkward to read. I'd either drop 'As' or 'and' to make it flow a bit better.

When the realization that your dad who left is actually your favorite author. Isabella's reaction is pretty funny. Good job with that part.

When the mom is talking to Isabella, I notice that you have the mom call her daughter "Sis." I don't know if you accidentally switched the roles or if that's a nickname, but I thought I'd point it out.

Other than a few errors (just missed letters and double-hit letters, really) that's it.

I really like how you ended it like you did. It leaves the rest of the story to the reader's inference, so I thought that was cool. Overall, you did a fantastic job, and I'm glad I got to read your work. Sorry for it being a little late, but I think editing is still allowed for contest entries, as long as it's already entered.