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Comedy piece, but it contains a serious message.

I thought of writing this suddenly. I don't know why.

cover by Noceurx!



8 months ago Kc Thompson said:

It's an interesting concept. Putting aside the fact that a terrorist would be violent, the small conversation is well put. It allowed reader to put some thoughts to "What If". Your writing made it easy to understand and the way it was written in a screen form was brilliant. I like it. Keep it up.

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9 months ago Ashley Gonzales said:

So true. I like the way you told the message, and in play form makes it all the more interesting and entertaining as an interview goes. Comical yet serious at the same time.


9 months ago Air'rik Milosavich said:

It's great honestly the prose is very interesting because of the fact the message conveyed is true but set in a funny manner. Gotta love satire excellent work


10 months ago lunablanca14 said:

Hello, so I checked your play out after you left a comment on my profile. First, I think your piece is unique. Most of the works I encountered here are either prose or poetry, so I'm pleasantly surprised that this one is a play.

Second, I think what you did is very clever, like a roundabout way of expressing a positive message. This is satire done right. Most of the time, satire becomes synonymous to merely "playing around" or even plain trolling, but satire is really about making a strong message, just not in the traditional way. I think you achieved it in this play.

I hope you can check out my story too, "Pyrite." Thanks.



7 months ago Ravenna Jacobo said:

Wow. Well, "A Terrible Interview" sure does fit this work. (I mean that in a good way of course!)

This was very crafty and funny and... well, very different! I've never read anything on Figment like this. This was very unique. Usually we see poetry and stories and novels, but this is a play! Which notches up and already unique piece! Honestly?

I'm kind of speechless and that's not common for me, I always have something to say!

I do really like how you've made a character who's out to cause chaos and destroy peace simply because... well, apart from the fact that it freaks them out, they just can. I would like to know if there's a deeper reason as to why they're a part of Terrorism, and if there isn't a deeper reason... Then awesome! I enjoy it when characters do the naughty and "wrong" things just because they want to. It's refreshing.

Great piece! I enjoyed how it made my mind all dizzy while I was reading, how it made me laugh, and how refreshingly different it is. Great job! Look forward to seeing more of your work Kyron!



7 months ago Rhys Grammling said:

Hilarious while educational at the same time. I do support Amy's remark that putting the speaker's name in bold and putting sarcasm and stage directions in italic would enhance it though, but the plot was solid and it was very well-written. Great job, and congrats on becoming a featured fig!