Secret Identity

Secret Identity

42 chapters / 29444 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


Have you ever wanted a secret identity? I did when I was younger.
When I turned seventeen my parents put me into an arranged marriage with one of the most ruthless alphas. The second most ruthless alpha, to be exact. So I ran away and I landed myself the job of a pop star.
Now, I know what you must be thinking: wouldn’t that help them find me? Well, yes and no. I kept my name a secret, I went by a different name; my stage name. It was still pretty risky, seeing as my face was everywhere once I was ‘found’, but I also had body guards that could protect me from the alpha.
I may have two identities, but I only use the one. Basically, my identities are who I am, and who I was.
Who am I? I am Little Flame.
Who was I? I was a shy young girl who ran away from home so I wouldn’t have to marry an evil alpha.
I am a pop star who never goes anywhere without a pair of headphones either around my neck or on my head.
I was a fire trapped in a small shell, slowly going out due to lack of oxygen.
I became who I was supposed to be. I became the mate of the most ruthless alpha in the world.
I became me.


Adventure, Drama, Mystery


Wolf and girl

about 1 month ago Night Rider said:

Please write the next book. It was so suspense full. I recommended it to my friends it was that good.


9 months ago gray said:

i really love this story


10 months ago Lyndee said:

In chapter 25 paragraph 2, it's Luke, not like.


11 months ago Storm said:

OMG Victor's father, LMAO


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