Internet Friends

Internet Friends

1 chapter / 1954 words

Approximately 10 minutes to read


Annabelle, Red head, 16 by day. Bella, Blonde, 16 by night.

Brianna, Brunette, 16 by day. Allie, Red Head, 16 by night.

What happens when these to enemies by day find out that they're bests friends on twitter by night time? Will they try to be friend's in real life, or will their friendship online be no more?





12 months ago Jocelyn White said:

I enjoyed the perspective of "Bella", it reminded me a lot of myself at 16 and having a faux identity online (again, not to catfish but to be safe). So I enjoyed the connection I felt to the character. My critique would be to look over grammar (not a huge deal but I thought I'd mention itt) and because you still have a huge amount of words left (620/2017) you should continue with the story. Give us more from "Allie/Bri"'s perspective. DO they ever find out? What do they talk about? I want to know more. Otherwise, you have a nice start for a potentially sweet or even funny story. :D


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