1 chapter / 1970 words

Approximately 10 minutes to read


Grace always wondered what Jason was like. It was hard to tell, over a text, or on the site Screen-lock, which was where they originally met. Grace never heard Jason’s voice before, nor did she ever see his face. Though she knew so much about him—his hobbies, his friends, his family. She also had an idea of what his school-life entailed. Although she had never met him face-to-face, she still considered him her best friend. She confided him in everything—how much she hated this guy at school, who always teased her, how she felt like she didn’t fit in, always being the girl on the sidelines. Jason always listened. When Grace and Jason’s lives finally crossed paths, it turned out that Jason wasn't the guy she envisioned him to be. In fact, he was the complete opposite.


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