Hi, I'm a Christian

Hi, I'm a Christian

1 chapter / 529 words

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Poetry, Contemporary



8 months ago Gardner said:

This chapter is the best and I’ve been reading it for very long. I’ve been reading it for Die besten Ghostwriter finden Sie hier!! This is the perfect chapter for this kind of this understanding.


10 months ago Roanoke Wilde said:

Please don't listen to that below comment. This was BEAUTIFUL. It makes me so happy to see someone who loves the Lord as deeply as you do. If you ever want to talk, chat, or just praise our Lord and Savior, please feel free to come on over. I love meeting people, especially fellow children of God, on here. :)


10 months ago sawyer said:

no one fucking cares


10 months ago Stephanie Horror said:

I'm not here to critique your writing itself, but here to just say...wow! I'm speechless and just amazed that someone talented as you wrote this beautiful poem about our God and savior. This poem really made my day, and I never see beautiful writings like this about God. I'm happy I stumbled upon yours in the library and got the chance to read it. Please continue writings such as this. Your piece here is truly real and relating, and I hope to read more work similar to this from you in the future. Happy writing and never stop writing. c:

God bless you~



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