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Writing, Short Story


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6 months ago |-/One-Lost-Pilot|-/ said:

This was a really cute short story! I really liked it alot! I'll definitely read more of your work and give you feedback! I hope you can do the same fren!

Sincerely, One-Lost-Pilot

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11 months ago Mohamed Hammad said:

That was a cute story. Although the outcome was a bit predictable, the ending had a good atmosphere. I like how you play around with the POV of the character, it helps your work interact with the reader. My only issue with it is that its a little too fast towards conclusions and too short. In my opinion, your story may had been more interesting if you had added some more depth into it. Like the first time when smartcake met hiraeth, or widen up how their rivalry and friendship grew, something like that. Your message was mentally relaxing, true we all have two sides in us, we never know which side defines us until we show it in the end. All in all, it was a very colorful piece and was a privilege reading it. Thank you so much for sharing and hope to read more very soon...