With the wand

With the wand

1 chapter / 1343 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


It all begins again.




over 6 years ago Emily MK said:

I really like your idea but I sort of wish you wouldn't have left me hanging because I want to know more. I wish you luck in the competition. Do you think you could do me a favor and check out some of my work and comment too?


over 6 years ago Ami Chan said:

Haha seems really interesting. Awwwww it has to start all over again. Feel bad for Harry.

Me and hannah

over 6 years ago Xena Pulliam said:

Love that it's different. Hated that Voldemort "came back." Was glad to know that it wasn't Voldemort, but was disappointed to find that there was someone new who was worse. I think you need to continue this and share what was discovered in Albania and such.

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over 6 years ago Brontae said:

Amazing start! I had chills all the way through.


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