Little Black Book

Little Black Book

1 chapter / 530 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


A collection of short stories and other things

*~*The story in this collection changes from time to time to get different feedback. There will be a notice in the comments/review section when that happens. Thanks*~*


Writing, Short Story


I'm a mess

3 days ago DontPutOnThatDress said:

*~* The story has been updated *~*


about 1 month ago Nick Meraglio said:

I felt it was a good beginning it kept me interested for more


about 1 month ago Courtney Dozier said:

I can also totally relate because sometimes I reflect on like life and everything and other people just don't understand. Perhaps being crazy is what we should be. That's the message you got across here - that everything is relative. We think being crazy is bad because it's different and people don't act normal, but maybe in reality being normal is what's wrong. This was short but really cool! I hope you continue it!


2 months ago Ritu said:

That was a really awesome story. There was a little punctuation problems. At least I think so. Anyways great book. Let me know when there is more.



about 22 hours ago Artemis J. Potter said:

My Dreamer

This is such a beautiful piece! I love it. The way you describe the girl and the person who's observing her is so well done. I can really feel how the narrator feels and I love the whole concept of the dream world. I think there should be more to this, to be honest. It kind of ended off in a way that implies there's more to be said but it got cut off. Do you plan on extending it?

Madison already mentioned this, but you have a few fragmented sentences: "Cocking her head and I think she’s wondering whether or not it’s terrified. Wondering does it fear for it’s life or does it know no fear at all?" I would recommend trying to change them to more complete sentences, because it generally reads better. But I don't have much to add other than that. I thought this piece was terrific.

Overall, I enjoyed this piece! I hope my review helped.

I'm a mess

3 days ago DontPutOnThatDress said:

*~* The story has been updated *~*