Fear the Light

Fear the Light

3 chapters / 1003 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


They lived in a world bathed with light, because all that was dark was banished.


Clara oswald 8

9 months ago Wendy Starling said:

Finished it! :DD Or at least what you have so far... Ahhhh I love the way you start each chapter with an unusual word! ❤❤❤❤❤ Where do you even find these words?

Clara oswald 8

9 months ago Wendy Starling said:

Just read the Prologue, and it is SO intriguing! I love the part about the middle names that everyone has and yet no one know :) I also love your writing style :)


9 months ago Penny Wing said:

I like it! You should totally write more. I can really see how it would develop. (Thanks for the follow, too) :)

Me 1963

10 months ago Linda D said:

An interesting idea. Makes me wonder about how/when they sleep, and if no darkness affect their body in a negative way.



10 months ago Dawn M. Therin said:

I like the prologue. It's very simple, yet still gives a great introduction to the character of Rowan, and it makes me more interested in the setting of the Shining City. I also kind of want to know why her love of reading is unusual, and what exactly the Fae did.

The transition between when they were thinking of dinner, and then eating. I'm very curious to find more out about the setting and what exactly is going on with the Light. I'm starting to guess they're some sort of utopian society that's really a dystopia.

I really like the plot so far, but I feel like there could be more. Your chapters are very short and I'd love to see more. Maybe you could include some of Rowan's internal thoughts, and more of a description of what the city they live in looks like.


10 months ago A.R. KYRON said:

Hey come on! You can't just leave me in the darkness like this.....where is the rest of it!!!!!!! I wanna read more!!!

Awesome way to start your 'Novel'(is it one?)

It has the the power to keep the reader glued to it. I loved the way you described it and how you left a 'mystery' on the mc's name. The selection of name was good too.

The dictionary part wasn't really necessary, I guess.

Otherwise, good job! Keep it up :D