An Ode To Friendship

An Ode To Friendship

1 chapter / 115 words

Approximately half a minute to read


You'll find this poem on a novel of mine, called "The Memoirs Of A Psychic Person"

It's about friendship. Enjoy!!!


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6 months ago DontPutOnThatDress said:

This was seriously cute and the most innocent thing I've read. I totally agree with your message. Great job!

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6 months ago Star Noble said:

I love this poem so much!


7 months ago A.G. Wade said:

As a person who has struggled with friendship, this was beautiful. Your novel sounds interesting, and I like the name, haha... That last line was a nice tie-up for the whole poem. Very strong!


7 months ago NF Kris said:

aww this is beautiful. It's great when you find those people who are always there.


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