1 chapter / 225 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


A very short piece.


Candy corn

about 1 month ago Christine Hungerford said:

Wow!! What a way to express a mother's love:) Indeed, this piece really speaks on the heart a mother has towards her unborn child. The way she carries the baby in her womb all those weeks and weeks and months and months until the baby is finally ready to come out into the world.


3 months ago King Blah said:

The cringe is killing me


3 months ago Jeffery Bellman said:

I love the use if Similes as the heart of this... the format along with the use of them creates a truly inspiring piece.That combined with the literary symmetry that starts each part gives it a beautiful rhythm that makes it truly stunning.


4 months ago Mark Mcglynn said:

Nice story


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