Love me

Love me

4 chapters / 285 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


I was drowning in a pool of my hatred of him. But I still loved him tho. this forbidden love...........



9 months ago Chelsey said:

wat do u mean early access code????


9 months ago Harley Quinn said:

Oh no!

I really want to see your book, but I can't! I need a early access code! I so want to read it, but for every chap if you press publish we will be able to see it! I hate waiting, but I will wait for this awesome book :)

(Also don't worry about the pic's I bet it's fine without them!)


9 months ago Chelsey said:

Um sorry guys but it doesn't allow me to show you guys pics of the characters I tried but it doesn't allow it. Sorry


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