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A 5-piece poetry collection for the loves we ruin. //

Dear You: I still stumble over myself with apologies. I still miss you.


Writing, Romance, Poetry



10 days ago Anna M said:

The first and the last poem where my favorite! So good!


15 days ago Talia 'Tal' M. said:

I couldn't stop rereading the first poem in this collection! Because not only was it so good, but I felt like each time I was rereading it I was unlocking something new. I feel like that's what poetry IS, unlocking the truths of someone and you know it's good poetry when you have to try a couple of combinations in order to finally crack it open and when you DO crack it open, the treasures are plentiful. Also, have to say the line "in a corner sits a recorder player that skips on your name" is just such an incredible stanza. I'm so glad I got to read some of your work, each poem gave me something different but something so wonderful.


16 days ago Fernweh Vellichor said:

Mm... Wow. May I have permission to illustrate some lines from these poems? Seriously, your poems are incredible. They kind of remind me of Modest Mouse lyrics-- "If words were currency, I'd be more broke than I already am. In a corner sits a record player that skips on your name," and 'who we are now'. That is one of the greatest compliments I can give, to be honest, since I practically worship MM :P

Reading these was probably the highlight of my day.


16 days ago Roanoke Wilde said:

Wow, Lillie! I LOVED your styles here, and these poems are SO powerful! You have a WONDERFUL way with using figurative language, and I especially liked the last and first poem. Good job, and keep writing!! :)


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