Talea: Between Worlds

Talea: Between Worlds

4 chapters / 13070 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


A part of Talea, she never knew of, was missing. The presence of a long-forgotten memory ignites an intense, passion that she is determined to uncover. A bond made as a child, once lost, finds her unexpectedly before tragedy hits her life. At only sixteen-years-old, Talea was about to be thrust into a new world where an army, that walks in the shadows, wants her dead. Love, loss, and betrayal will find Talea on her journey to keep the fate of all people safe.

**Note: This series will have strong language, romantic situations and strongly suggest for readers over the age of 16.**



7 days ago Angelika Wajnert said:

I love the book so far. I am excited to know what will happen next.



8 days ago Marie said:

Love what you have so far! Looking forward to reading more of your work!