4 chapters / 2732 words

Approximately 14 minutes to read


A short fantasy story told from second person POV.
I made the cover.



2 days ago Chris Pena said:

Well of course I would like this... Favorite part was in chapter 4 when the imprisoned being starts feeling the evil.


17 days ago Scarlet Warrior said:


Awesome fire tiger wallpaper!!!!

23 days ago Reese Reynolds said:

This is such a great book, Eowyn! :) I hope you're planning on writing a second. I would love to read it!!! Please, do!



27 days ago Isabel S. said:

Wow. What kind of a pickax can break diamond, though? The pickax would have to be made of diamond itself since diamond is the hardest on the Mohs scale.


Awesome fire tiger wallpaper!!!!

23 days ago Reese Reynolds said:

This is so great, Eowyn! :)

First of all, I have NEVER read a book written in 2nd Person POV and so far, I really have enjoyed it! It made me feel soooo much like I was in your book, real, and alive. I also like your way of describing how death first came into the world. It's very interesting!

Also, I like for the first time reading a story where YOU are the villain. For the first time you're actually on the villain's side vs. the hero's, which is totally different from what we've all experienced before, which is another reason why I really like this book!

Ending on a cliffhanger was probably one of my favorite parts. The ending was so captivating, it was hard to imagine NOT reading the next book. So please, write another book!!! I'm sure we'd all love it. :)

~Reese R.

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about 1 month ago G. Francis said:

NOTE: I give constructive feedback based on my opinion and past experience as a writer. I don't expect you to take all or any of advice if it doesn't suit your preferences.

Chapter 1

Great start! I'm usually not into stories that put the reader in the point of view but you've done it so well that I have no choice but to love it. I really like your writing style and you put just enough description as not to stall the story but still keeps the reader informed. Nice job, keep it up.

- G. Francis