Paper Cut Heat

Paper Cut Heat

8 chapters / 1187 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


© Copyright 2017 Here is a collection of poems that I wrote that describe my life at the moment. My favorites will be listed earlier in the book. Best-Worst.
Mortal Tears-
Somehow, this poem connected to me instantly, flowing so simply. I fell in love with it whether or not it's beautiful.
Lost In Words-
It's what I am. Literally- lost in my writing. Can't get out. It's the only real life that I don't screw up.
Red Light-
Ever looked around you at all the cars during a red light? If you pay attention you could see some pretty crazy things. People breaking down, crying, singing, laughing, talking, hugging, smiling, etc. All those people have a life that's like a crazy story and they're just passing by.
Truth Leaves Dust-
Just a poem about how I screwed up another relationship with someone. Took forever to gain his trust and then I take advantage and be honest for a minute! yay.
Broken Doll-
Just a stupid poem.


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5 days ago Jinghay said:

I absolutely love these poems! They flow really well

Awesome fire tiger wallpaper!!!!

10 days ago Reese Reynolds said:

I really like this! :) There is tension and emotion and tears and hate and self pity and despise written so clearly into you words - it's really expressive. Also, I'm here too if you need anything! :) ~Reese


12 days ago Roanoke Wilde said:

Wow. This is so sad, but they're really beautiful. Good job, and remember, if you ever need to talk or anything, I'm here. These have a lot of emotion behind them, I can tell. :)


13 days ago Coral Vaci said:

(I meant to comment on this before) I love each and every one if these poems! You are great at writing! Keep it up!


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