3 months ago Rosie said:

Thank you for your comments! Yeah maybe it's a bit dramatic but it's getting the point about feeling alone in the world and not feeling like you're important but I hear you :)


3 months ago Mickey Mouse said:

This made me sad. The end seemed very dramatic, like, you're really going to kill yourself because your mum doesn't get you and your friends are annoying? Up until then I was with you though. It's hard to have social confidence.


9 months ago Duncn Chavula said:

well, am sort of a newbie but i like it, haha by the way at first i thought it was a poem. then came the line "Robin! What are you doing?"I snap the laptop shut."Homework!"

you really also made me snapped out of it and i was like holy so that was his thoughts not a poem!!?? its good but i feel like the thoughts were long. you know they say when teaching don't talk moreee at a time it gets dull but nice idea :)


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