Learning to Wield [#1]

Learning to Wield [#1]

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2017 » ONGOING

Rosaline Walsh has always been different. Not because she frequently finds herself in detention, nor is it due to the fact that she has interests that are considered unusual by most of her eighth grade classmates. Rosaline Walsh was always different because of something else. Something she didn’t find out about until her final exams arrived.

It was around that time that she was told that her whole life had been a lie. A cover up. And now it was time for her to return to the land where she belonged. The land called Occanasia that was home to the Wielders, people that trained to use magic in their everyday lives.

However, not all is as it seems in Occanasia, and Rosaline finds that even in this place, which is supposedly her home land, she is still different. And the people refuse to reveal whether being different is a bad thing or not…



9 months ago Robin Nova said:

Aw man, the description was so captivating I was so excited to read this. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what comes of this :) -Robin


9 months ago Amelia Ann (Millie) said:

Ah! You got me with this one! Can't wait to see what it ends up becoming!!! You description is really interesting and attention grabbing! Let me know when you update it and I will be the first to read it! That is a promise!! XD

Happy Writing!


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