Contempt in the Kingdom

Contempt in the Kingdom

20 chapters / 22431 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


A series of snapshot-style instances in the life of a princess, her childhood, and the dark prophecy she is plagued by whether she believes in it or not.

Note* I'm not sure this will ever be a full blown 'story'. I have honestly not done enough world building to write one. All of this came straight from my imagination,and when I finally decided to write it all down I realized creating characters and a completely new planet is easier when it's all in your head lol.



4 months ago Hayden Fullwright said:

I know it's nearly been a month since I promised my review, but things have been busy. I do intend to provide you with one soon. Most likely, next weekend. Unless I'm busy. I did read through chapter four, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had a few questions, but I'm guessing they will be answered in later chapters. I'm not sure that I'll read the whole work, but I'll try to read at least half of it. I give over-all reviews, and they aren't real lengthy, just a heads up. But it usually depends on how much there is to talk about. I look forward to reading more of your work.


4 months ago Sky Lark said:

This was really good! I couldn't stop reading it. There was a few minor misspellings but that okay. If you want to read anyone of my stories, that's okay.

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4 months ago A. G. Austin said:

Woah this is absolutely awesome! The writing is mysterious and enticing. There are some minor spelling and grammar mistakes but thise can be easily fixed by reading this aloud. I enjoyed this book immensly! Please notify me when you add another chapter! -A.G. Austin


5 months ago L.Greene said:

Wow this is really good. I love how you added in the part at the end of chapters.


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4 months ago Katherine Brown said:

You are a fantastic writer. The only critiques I have regard grammar. And there aren't many of those.

Chapter 1-7 I didn't catch any grammar mistakes.

Chapter 8 In paragraph 2 (paragraphs=where you hit enter) you had the word "had" twice: I rarely complained, but Nessa had had me try on... There should only be one had. "Cat got your tongue, Claire?" Nessa laughed- She always found Earthling phrases humorous. You should either take out the - and replace it with a period (what I think you should do) or lowercase She.

Chapter 10 In paragraph 12: "I'm so happy you're hear, darling," It should be here instead of hear.

Chapter 13 In paragraph 44: Then to Nessa, more hurt by her moreso than my own mother... It sounds slightly awkward. More so is two separate words, and take out the first more. This will help make the sentence flow more smoothly.

Chapter 14 In many paragraphs, in this chapter, you have some capitalization issues. I would just glance over these and correct as needed.

Also in the last couple of chapters, you show some capilization issues. Just take a quick glance and correct will help clear this problem up.

Other than that it is a beautifully written piece. You had the reader hooked within the first chapter, and the italicised words at the bottom of each chapter really helps keep them hooked. Great job!


4 months ago Tasha said:

I stopped before reading Chapter 7 which I will read Chapter 7 through Chapter 18...When I first saw your book I was thinking I would read a few chapters for the Swap (seeing as my story is only 2 chapters long so far) but I couldn't just read a few chapters you caught me with the first sentence of this book. How can one simple sentence change a person's decision to read more I never know but that is exactly what happened with me. Ouch when a child ask "What's a mother, exactly?" it is heartbreaking because that is words a child should never have to say. How old is Claire in the Second Chapter? I ask because if she is still a very young child (under the age of 10) she is very intelligent for her age, she is wise beyond her years and I can see that just by what I have read and that is not something that is easily able to write in (a lot of people find it hard to make a child wise beyond their years because when they try it just doesn't fit but yours was spot on).