A Wielder's Trials

A Wielder's Trials

41 chapters / 102517 words

Approximately about 9 hours to read


Califica Wansani had died with her family. Died with them in the midst of a rebellion targeting magical possessors. Targeting people like her.

The parts of her that she loved - being a daughter, a sister - were no more. Now, the only identity that matter was what she was rather than who she was. But it didn't just matter to her.

With a rebellion rising in the countryside, targeting and killing possessors, Califica is forced to hide in the capital of Acroma.

During her time in the capital, she was discovered by the King and sent to train to become his next prize and weapon. But while she trains and learns more about her powers, Califica is forced to face her demons. And through it all Califica has to decide if she's willing to lose herself for the one identity that wants it all.

Book 1 of series


Action, Fantasy, Novel



4 days ago Kayla Amaro said:

I read the prologue and the first two chapters. Like Viviann, fantasy isn't something I read a lot of because it doesn't interest me all that much. Nevertheless, I still really enjoyed reading this. Amazing story! Keep up the good work!


13 days ago Viviann Stark said:

I read the first three chapters and I have to say I enjoyed this more than I thought I would so far. Fantasy isn't something I usually read, but I quickly grew a liking toward Califica (and her name) and became protective of her when reading the tavern scene and any part dealing with those three monsters. Those guys were awful to her!

I'm not the type to point out every single grammar and spelling mistake, but if you would like me to go back and do so I surely will. I didn't see too many, honestly. It was an enjoyable read and I would love to read on when I finish my other swaps.


19 days ago Olivia Carlyle said:

This story was absolutely fantastic! I stayed up late just trying to get to the next chapter! You had the perfect blend of action and mystery. I really think that you could've made Califica a little bit more guarding about her body. I didn't like how she just let the men ogle her and not do anything about it. All in all, this is an absolutely amazing piece. I am positive you will get somewhere with your writing.

Candy corn

3 months ago Christine Hungerford said:

I really thought your story was interesting. Although I did not care for Califica being seen as someone the men could just feast their eyes on, I think that you would have a great story if Califica runs away from the bar, or if she shows the men that she is not just a piece of meat.

There are some grammar and content errors in your story I'll mention in my review.



3 days ago cress said:

This was a very fun and intriguing read. I'm not a huge fan of high fantasy so I began the story in a rather critical state of mind. I'm pleased to say that you kept me interested and intrigued as a reader! Your descriptions are lovingly done and incredibly eloquent- I can tell how much work and thought you put into this. I also really like Califica as a heroine. Oft-times in high fantasy I've noticed that female leads are either super tough and headstrong and hard or soft and flimsy and damsel-in-distress-y. Califica is a wonderful middle ground between brute strength and willowy sensitivity and I found myself rooting for her. The only advice I would give is to make sure, at times, that you don't get too verbose. Also, just because I'm a nerd, I'd love to hear a bit more about the world, but there might be more worldbuilding in the later chapters? I'll keep reading. Thanks so much!


4 days ago Paige Johnson said:

I like how, sentence by sentence, the scene is revealed and so immersive. However, "tingling with numbness" is kind of an oxymoron. Otherwise, the flow is well-done.It feels very polished, publishable/professional. Good juxtaposition of temperature and tone from the pro to ch 1. Very realistic, I'm glad you included the gross bits about smelling of piss even. It feels like you've actually lived through this. They bleach their hair to go into the service. Interesting. I suppose it'd blend with the snow,but I couldn't say so for the maroon, though I'm sure it looks very cool. The line about how a strike with a coin would be more painful is powerful. Hm, though she does seem very jumpy for someone who is clearly familiar with this atmosphere.