The Internet Best Friend

The Internet Best Friend

12 chapters / 10394 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


(inspired by a work on wattpad that i can't remember the name of it :-( also i have a character count for the tweets so if u read this don't comment saying it's over 140 bc i kno its not)

Sean McLoughlin, also known as Jacksepticeye on YouTube, just wanted internet friends. Yanno, he already has some yada yada. But he wants some that aren't YouTubers. So, his smart lil brain of his came up with the idea to make a fan account. About himself. He wants to tweet things that people won't gawk at him for. Yanno, just posting about his //real// self. That's where Ivy comes into the picture. She has been watching Sean since about a couple days after he's started YouTube. And, well, she considers herself his biggest fan. Little does she know, Sean knows she exists. Well, he /did/ like some of her tweets to him but he knows she exists. He decided to make a fan account to talk to her, and she has no idea. (((completed)))


Romance, Fanfiction



4 months ago Mridula said:

The internet best friend book at the figment is really good like the ones for CyberSecurity Really think reading this book helped me get net, I have made quite amazing friends online too, good post.


8 months ago Valerie Nicole said:

considering its a fanfiction over someone whos overly obsessed with a youtuber, it's her fangirling over Jack.


8 months ago Belldandy said:

I've only read the first chapter since I'm a bit pressed for time, but the concept is great :) Just chill a bit with the all caps and exclamation points. Its okay every once in a while, but too much is annoying.


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