Nineteen Years and One Week Later...

Nineteen Years and One Week Later...

1 chapter / 1864 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


Anyways, this is my Harry Potter FanFiction Contest entry.

Rose Weasley, Albus S. Potter and James S. Potter are the three new stars of Hogwarts.

James, though loving the attention, feels pressured. He wants to live up to his father's expectations. And, in doing so, he might have to do a few mean things to Scorpius Malfoy...

Albus, fitting in nicely with the help of his family's reputation, wants to learn more about the headmasters of Howarts for who he was named. He wants to know the important things they did and why he was named after them in particular.

Rose, ever the carbon copy of her mother, also has her father's humor. The mixture of brains and sense of humor really gives her a good reputation and a good group of friends.

Scorpius Malfoy, after facing the biggest humiliation of his life, is bullied endlessly by a certain James Potter. His time at Hogwarts is so far the worst of his life, that is, until he befriends an unexpected someone...

Join James, Albus, Rose and even little Scorpius in another Hogwarts adventure in "Nineteen Years and One Week Later..."!




over 5 years ago Katie Streit said:

As a huge HP fan, I loved this!!! I think you were true to the characters, especially in how they reflected their parents'/namesakes' personalities. I also love that you put Scorpius in Gryffindor, I wasn't expecting that. Thanks for the swap and great work!


over 5 years ago Drinking Your Coffee said:

This story made me happy on many different levels. I wish-so very dearly-that J.K. Rowling would do some books about Harry Potter's children. One thing I absolutely adore is that James is actually a lot like how I imagined Harry's father to be. I really liked this, it was good, and there were little errors. Keep writing!


over 5 years ago Shawnee Rose said:

One of the best fanfics i've read on here so far!!!

Firework =)

over 5 years ago Chace Lily Vale said:

Loved this! I like how you kept the older characters' personalities and made the new ones perfectly believable. My favorites in your story had to be James and Scorpius, especially near the end. Definitely a well-written perspective of the children from the epilogue :)


Dog behind fence

over 5 years ago Mary Nichols said:

Fan fic is a lot of fun. I think Rose being just like her mother is a little cliche. I'd make her absolutely opposite of her mother, add some uncertainty to the character and to your story. Just my two cents. Do continue. Fun stuff.


over 5 years ago The Great Toepick said:

YOU. MUST. CONTINUE. AND. HURRY. Only thing I had a problem with was the coversation with Scorpio (seemed weird) and Hagrid (seemed less Hagrid-y) Other than those, it rocked.