I'm Not A "Bad Girl" I'm A Insane Girl.

I'm Not A "Bad Girl" I'm A Insane Girl.

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Once upon a time a was a sweet innocent girl.

Now? Now I am badass "'super villain' fighting and terrorizing people along side the Joker. Who I so happen to be in love with.

And when people try to hurt me. Well, lets say my Joker has more then one bone of theirs to break. How I get here, look at the book already. A little warning though, you try to steal the joker I will have more then a few bones of yours to snap.
================================================================This story is not completed and I will try my best to get it done as soon as I can :)


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3 days ago Fire Ash said:



3 days ago On The Verge Of Insanity said:


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7 days ago Alexia said:

Love the new chapter!!! How many chapters do you think you'll do???


8 days ago On The Verge Of Insanity said:

loveit! but im slightly confused, y is her last name quinn instead of quinzel?


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6 days ago Erin said:

Hi Lizzy! I am here to do my part of the swap.

You have a promising plot here. I don't know a lot about Suicide Squad or Harley Quinn, but you seem to be putting a great twist on it. You've quickly developed your two main characters personalities, but I would like to see more inside of Harley's brain. Her thinking process, mindset. . . I'd also like to see some more emotion in this story. You're on the surface, and I think you could really dive deeper. Make your reader feel what your characters feeling. There are quite a few grammar, spelling and punctuation errors in here. Look out for sentence fragments and run-on sentences. A quick reread would be great to find these errors :)

Otherwise, great job! Keep reading.


14 days ago Daizia Billups said:

Even if it did take less than a minute to read this, I found this very promising and mostly hilarious, because someone was finally writing about suicide squad. Key word: FINALLY. Thank you again for sharing this, lizzy!