The Surgeon

The Surgeon

4 chapters / 5467 words

Approximately 27 minutes to read


"He took me to a place that reeked of old age and secrets."


Thomas is taken against his will and put through many tests and surgeries that will change his life forever just to fulfill his parents dreams. How will he hold up, being forced to be something that he isn't and will he ever be able to return to his old self again?


TRIGGER WARNING. (Rated PG-13 for it's mild swearing and horrific/creepy scenes)


Writing, Horror, Thriller


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3 days ago gray said:

i have never been more bitter and intrigued by a book in my entire better end well


6 days ago Lauren Fricke said:

Oh my goodness!

This story is giving me the creeps. However, bravo because you have succeeded at writing this piece. The twist at the end was entirely a surprise, and the thrill coursing throughout the piece is amazing.

I do think that the story style works greatly to your advantage. However, try having some points of interruption. Perhaps a words that wasn't finished or something of the nature to show how on guard Thomas is.

If I'm being completely honest, I don't think that you need the second chapter. The story stands wonderfully on its own as a short, and that move would truly throw your reader into the midst of chaos. However, that is simply my opinion.

All in all, wonderful job!


6 days ago Isabel S. said:

Most of the other reviews/comments have pretty much said everything that can be said about this story. I definitely found it horrifying, to say the least.

Great twist at the end of the first chapter with the Surgeon. Your short, quick writing style for this story helped build up the horror of what was going to happen. The whole situation made me feel kinda sick, honestly, but I think that was the effect you were going for.


10 days ago Eowyn Doyle said:

Wow! I sat in my chair, stunned, for a few minutes after I finished the last sentence. I am definitely looking forwards to reading more of your works!



3 days ago TrippGalaxy said:

Review Swap!

Okay so I’m in Medical School so the title definitely intrigued me and I was curious to what the story was about.

The typing and format is unique and fits the story quite well.

“I’m an eighteen- year- old only child” It sounds kind of awkward, maybe try a little different wording?

Like, “I’m eighteen and I’m an only child.”

“on-line” should it be “online” like on the computer? I’m not too sure it confused me for a second.

The shocking line of “My own father abducted me.” Was short, but man did that have impact. Well done.

“it reeked of old age and secrets.” Excellent description.

I’m not usually a fan of horror or thriller, but damn this has me hooked. Your writing style is excellent. Great work!


7 days ago Eowyn Doyle said:

Wow! Chapter two is AMAZING! I like the way it's written, like entries in a journal or posts on a blog, which is probably what you were going for. The atmosphere is consistent and the story never grows dull. It really pulls you into the story. The end of chapter one was shocking and I feel chapter two picked up the story very well. I don't have any advice, only praise for this amazing work. I am looking forwards to reading even more of this outstanding piece of writing!