i can't think of a title

i can't think of a title

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9 days ago Lyria said:

Okay umm with the help chapter, how sleep deprived were you???? I truly can't answer the question...

Awesome fire tiger wallpaper!!!!

22 days ago Reese Reynolds said:

OMG, this is soooo great! :)

In your comments about the girlfriend, girlfriend - being a Christian the bible does tell us that you should not be gay, but that does not mean I feel differently towards gay people just because I believe they're doing what's wrong. Of course, I still love them and want to help. If I had a gay friend, I would take that as good opportunity to help them out and tell em' about Jesus. Ha ha!

But really, I love your ideas for all of your stories and especially Number 5 - LOL AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! That's a great idea actually. Haha!!


22 days ago a ghost of a once happy girl said:

The last story ny reaction: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!


23 days ago Kiki Zapotos said:

NICE! I only have one suggestion. Don't forget to capitlize letters that need it. For example, i went to the store. The sentence should say, I went to the store. Other then that small detail, I love this. Please keep writing.

~ Kiki ^-^


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