It will always be you

It will always be you

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23rd April 2017.

" love can revive one soul from death, or either, it can take away "

I am now tierd and is loosing hope to move forward.
It has been past 1 week we fought and decided that we should not contact each other as I am being the distraction for him. As according to him starts the arrangements.

Clarifying matters does not cause problems it sorts out.. But in our situation, clarifying cause arguments.

It has been past 1 week and we decided not to talk till his examination. I agreed to the terms. But in that process of doing that I am totally loosing myself.
I was in such bad conditions that now I have been prescribed antidepressants medications.

Every night my pillow seems wet and next day in the morning I find my eyes swells like a potato.

It really feels pathetic and suffocating because I cannot share this with anyone.

Everytime my thoughts uproar screeching and asking myself am I be able to get out of this hell situation.





9 months ago Isha said:

Thank you


9 months ago A.R. KYRON said:

I guess you're going to continue it, 'cause the main theme isn't really clear yet.

If you're going to add some more chapterd, best of luck with that!


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