Cutting Quotes

Cutting Quotes

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this is a book that sort of puts it into perspective how I feel about cutting. I would have you know that not all of these describe me; some of them I just love the quote. cover made by an9e1





17 days ago Hells Night said:

I love these. They are so relatable. I stopped cutting my wrist and went to my thighs for fear that someone would find them


2 months ago Kiki Zapotos said:

This reminds of my friend. You made me cry! Curses!

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2 months ago Anonymous Influence said:

Thanks... Really relatable. I have an X on my wrist from all the times I cut, and I am ashamed of it. I just don't get why people think I do it for attention... Again, thanks

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3 months ago Alexia said:

I like this!!! Keep up the great writing!!! It would be amazing if you could look at my stories and give me advice!! Thank you in advance!! ~Alexia



3 months ago Alecia Walls said:

I used to cut I can relate my thigh is covered they've faded since I quit so maybe in another year (not technically been a whole yea but close I'm so proud of myself) I'll be able to wear a bikini without worrying someone will see them. I hate talking about this, but it's important that people who cut know you can stop...even if sometimes all I want is to cut I think of those who matter to me. MY cousins, friends, little brother, and try to forget those who have caused me to want that pain, relief. I never went to a doctor, shrink whatever...I helped myself, but not everyone can get here on their own... Just know all you who cut, you're never alone. Ask for help or better those who witness a friend who cuts and that friend is willing to tell you especially they're crying out for help and you need to take that sign even if they may hate you at first they need you...

Great quotes and good points to them, good job.