The Lost Element

The Lost Element

9 chapters / 10778 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


In the land of Selirian, there are people with the ability to control the elements. They are called Elementti. When Lauren heads to the Academy of the Elements to learn which element she has and how to wield it, she discovers she has the rarest element possible which has not been seen for a thousand years.
Rough draft of a high fantasy novel
Previously titled Academy of the Elements
Cover by Naomi Folettia.


Fantasy, Novel, Adventure



about 1 month ago Samuel W. Roberts said:

I stopped reading after chapter 1 because I'm gonna wait till it's finished, but I can tell it's gonna be great! I'm a big fan of element-based stuff. The beginning of chapter 1 says "closely followed closely." You probably would have noticed that but I thought I'd point it out just in case.


about 1 month ago N. A. CIRA said:

Whaa? No chapter 9? B-but. But. But.

Aliceb5 (1)

about 1 month ago Coral Vaci said:

(I read chapters 3 to 8) I am SUPER interested! This is so awesome and I would LOVE to see where this goes! :D


about 1 month ago Dauntless Dagger said:

This is amazing! I can't wait to read more.



about 1 month ago N. A. CIRA said:

Chapter 9

"but others would ask question..." Missing an "a."

Aaron? Wasn't it Aiden? Eh?

I liked the little tidbits of their past and personality, like Aiden's clumsiness and Lauren's enjoyment of running. I thought that it gave a lot more personality to the characters. Despite me not liking running, it helped me connect more to Lauren.

Aiden, you asshole!!!

Other than a few commas missing and the dialogue being off, there wasn't anything my eyes tended to want to skim over, so that's good.


about 1 month ago Caitlyn M. said:

Chapter 7-

I really like Nathan's character. There really isn't anything to dislike about him.

In paragraph 7, there is a typo. It should be "She sat at the edge of the lake..." That is an easy fix.

Also in paragraph 10 or 11, it should be "And on top of that, more books are also gone,"

This chapter wasn't filled with too many things, I think it's great Lauren found the Bhasi book. Do we get to find out what the Headmistress's element is? Maybe she is a Bhasi as well, but doesn't reveal it?