The Silver Star Hotel: Part One

The Silver Star Hotel: Part One

5 chapters / 8246 words

Approximately 41 minutes to read


Kevin Cassidy was headed west, away from New York, for a fresh start. California was the destination, and he's nearly there. However, something about the small Nevadan hotel he's staying in is keeping him there. Will the people he meets, along with the time spent alone reshape his view on life?
Excellent cover by Daniel Jimenez



26 days ago maitri said:

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about 1 month ago Dani Scarlett said:

First of all I'm sorry so I took forever to read your story, life has been shitty. I absolutely loved it! It's so mature and grown up with characters so young. I hope you write more. Your descriptions are amazing! At first I was kind of scared that I wouldn't be able to concentrate but your story just kept pulling me in and I found myself hurt when it ended. You did a really great job!

Artsy fartsy

2 months ago Shannon Leah said:

I read the first two chapters and absolutely loved them! You paint the scene so vividly its like I am actually there. Only two chapters in.and Kevin's character already has so much depth and backstory that I am itching to know more about. The sabrina character really intrigues me. She seems kinda mysterious and I like how her mood fluctuated between the night and day. It was fantastic how you wrote it to wear I could visualize the run down simple charm of the place as well as hear the voices of the odd people. Also, I didn't notice any grammatical errors but if you would like I can go over the third and fourth chapter rough drafts and see if I notice any. It was a well written story so far and I am eager to continue reading


2 months ago Struggle_of_a_writer said:

I liked how you took the challenge of writing about drugs and alcohol. Not many characters show that lifestyle so I give props to you! I like how Sabrina is slowly bringing Kevin out of his shell. Haven't read a book that deals with the setting of a hotel so it was really interesting to be immersed in it. Everyone has a story and it will be exciting and yet sad to learn their pasts, including Kevin's. Thank you for writing this.



about 1 month ago Kelsea Dove said:

Let me start off by saying: wow. I didn't find any errors. The descriptions and details are written very smoothly, and you introduced the character's feelings really well without bombarding the reader with thoughts. So far, you've made an interesting plot in the form of the MC's past and why he left, and his experience at the hotel. I've only read the first chapter, but I can say that this is headed in a good direction. Excellent job!


about 1 month ago Rebecca Maen said:

Wow! This is a great story. I like the style. Usually, stories in the first person are restrictive and don't give enough information. However, you have found a way around that. I didn't see any errors, grammatical or otherwise, but I've never excelled in grammar class. You have probably heard this a lot, but please continue! This book makes me want to read more! I don't usually read books with drinking, but this turned out to be really good!